Challenge author
Dan Hlavenka (SIGPwny)
Write-up author
Vanilla (Batman's Kitchen)

Sleet Bump: It's like Snow Crash, but terrible.

Please read the solution for LSLol — Log in, stay here before this solution.

In the same location as the web server, there is another object. When we click it, it provides a link to documentation for the llListen function in Second Life's scripting language, LSL.

As background, objects and agents/users can chat. Chat happens on 32-bit integer channels. Most chat between agents happens on channel 0, and this is the only channel that agents can hear. Objects can listen and speak on any channel, and agents can speak on positive channels.

We write a script that listens on different channels and relays to us what it hears. We try a bunch of channels (1337, 31337, 0xBADB100D (flag to previous challenge)), to no avail, until we try actually using the Internet (oh man what a concept, this is the gateway to a whole new wave of Technology) and searching for "remy boyz", and we find that they have a song named 679. Oh. We listen there and get flag.